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One Axe Pursuits
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Who We Are

For those looking for a personal challenge, we have beginner level programs such as rock climbing, rappelling, zipline, ice climbing and caving. We also offer intermediate programs such as top rope anchors, rappel and ascend, as well as trad and aid climbing. All our recreational programs are one to two hours from Toronto, Ontario.

For corporate teams looking to accelerate their relationships, build teamwork, and encourage trust with exciting hands on learning, we offer unique corporate team building packages. Outdoor corporate team building programs are held in Elora, Ontario and indoor corporate training and development programs are held in or near Toronto, Ontario.

For those who have special events with customized needs for stunts, video, television or commericals, check out our film industry section. We have staff trained in film and stunt co-ordination, rope specialists and stunt performers. We are also able to capture scenes and landscapes from areas of extreme access.

What we offer

- Climbing- Beginner and Intermediate Level programs
- Mountaineering
- Adventure Teambuilding- The Phoenix Rescue, Superhero Challenge, The Amazing Elora Race
- Film Industry and Special Events- Set up ropework, Fly across the sky,
Stock photography or video, Custom video footage on professional quality cameras.

Guelph: 27 Tiffany Street West
Guelph, Ontario N1H 1X9