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Necky Kayaks
Necky Kayaks

Spurred by a desire to improve upon traditional British kayak designs, Necky introduced our first kayak in the mid-1970s. The aim was to create a stable, roomy, comfortable vessel that the average paddler could take out on the ocean. We did so by adapting a high-volume whitewater design, adding more length and width and a larger cockpit.

Today, the innovations are still coming. Seats that provide maximum control without sacrificing comfort. Advanced materials that are significantly stronger, stiffer and lighter than anything else on the market. Necky continues to advance the art of kayaking.

Day Touring Kayak- Manitou 13

Ultimate versatility. Gives the feel and glide of a touring kayak with the stability and comfort of a recreational kayak. Large cockpit for easy entrance and exit. Compact and light weight for easy carrying and car-topping.