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Aboriginal Experiences is an exciting new attraction in Ottawa that offers more than a fun family outing. We provide visitors with an enriching and entertaining new experience.

Our programs offer a rare opportunity to experience the rich culture, teachings and history of Canada’s First People from our own perspective. Our team members represent the Aboriginal community of Ottawa today. They are a diversity of native nations from across Canada. Each one of us has our own story that we look forward to sharing with you on your visit.

There are many school programs to choose from


We pride ourselves on delivering a truly authentic experience that illustrates both the diversity of the Aboriginal cultures originating in Canada, and how they've progressed through the ages. This is achieved through including both traditional and contemporary foods, performances, and displays of visual art from a variety of these unique cultures.

With the opening of our new "summer village", we are pleased to make this award-winning experience available to the general public, and visitors from abroad. Please see the "Visit Us" section to learn more.

Ottawa: 34 Merton Street
Ottawa, Ontario K0J 1X0