White Squall Paddling Centre
White Squall
White Squall Paddling Centre
White Squall Paddling Centre
White Squall Paddling Centre
White Squall Paddling Centre
White Squall Paddling Centre
White Squall Paddling Centre
White Squall Paddling Centre
Website: www.whitesquall.com
Email: info@whitesquall.com
White Squall Paddling Centre: 705. 342.5324
Fax Number: 705. 342.1975

Our paddling centre on Carling Bay Road north of Nobel, Ontario, offers free waterfront test-paddling. We have one of the largest selection of sea kayaks in Ontario, and you can play to your heart's content.

We also have a wide selection of canoes, recreational and sit-on-top kayaks, and a complete line of camping and paddling equipment. Our huge rental fleet of single and double kayaks and canoes accommodates paddlers of all sizes, abilities, and types of adventure. We also rent VHF marine radios, drybags, and a limited selection of tents.

Shuttle and repair service also available.

The Paddling Centre is "gear central." You will find everything from a wide range of Paddles & PFDs to Thermal Clothing & Drysuits. Whether you're just getting into the sport or you're taking it to the next level we have gear to help you get there.

The White Squall Staff will always greet you with a smile and do their best to answer any questions you have - including where the best coffee is in town!

White Squall Paddling Centre: 53 Carling Bay Road
Nobel, Ontario P0G 1G0
Featured Deals!
Private Canoe Lessons

Private Canoe Lessons

Private Lessons start at $ 46/hr, add $23/hr
for each additional person – 50% off for kids 14 and under.

Includes equipment

Many of us grew up canoeing – or at least thinking we could. Rediscover the joy of quiet paddling – and let us show you some pretty cool strokes and tricks along the way. Taught as a private lesson to individuals, couples, groups, families, and kids are all welcome. Here are some of the skills we'll practice with you in an intro class:

* canoe design and safety gear
* paddle design – sizing of shaft, blades
* launching & landing
* balance & paddler position
* forward stroke review – entry, recovery, torso pivot
* reverse & stopping strokes
* draws – basic and sculling – pivots using draws
* prys – pivots using prys
* j-stroke and river-j
* timing / co-ordination – working on combinations of strokes
* canoe over canoe rescue

We teach intermediate canoeing as well

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