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The 6-Rivers Wilderness Program has grown to encompass many different activities and participants from very diverse backgrounds. Our leaders are specially trained and have expertise in developing and facilitating program activities for a variety of different groups and trips, such as:

-Youth trips (We support Scouts, Guides and other youth groups)
-Canoeing, hiking and biking
-Leaders in training
-Women only
-Single parent getaways
-The Duke of Edinburgh's Award training and expeditions
-Winter trips
-Therapeutic wilderness
-First Nations programs

Find the program that’s right for you www.6rivers.on.ca/programs/all_programs.html

Our Core Values

• Responsiveness
• Excellence
• Accountability
• Stewardship
• Trustworthiness

Revenue generated by 6-Rivers Wilderness Adventures subsidizes Youth Programming.

London: 520 Hamilton Road
London, Ontario N5Z 1S4