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Boreal Forest Outdoor Adventures
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Boreal Forest Outdoor Adventures
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As Canadians we often speak of our wilderness areas and the treasures they contain. The area most often referred to is the Boreal Forest, boreal meaning northern. This great northern forest, a land molded by the ice of the glaciers, occupies more than a third of Canada.

Its countless lakes, streams, ponds and individual forests of pine, fir, spruce, aspen and white birch are the ancient home of a large variety of mammal and bird life. Visions of the past include American Indians and voyageurs that lived off the bounty of this land and created many of the traveled routes we still use today.

The second week of February is the start to our winter adventures. By then the days are starting to lengthen and the temperatures moderating to some extent.
While most birds have left and several animals hibernate, we still see many of the forests creatures, and are able to study their winter homes and habits.

The Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights are also at their peak. Often the night skies are full of colour and movement as they dance across the northern sky.

First nation history in our region of Northwest Ontario

Our packages range from Father & Son trips, birding sampler, black bear forest, first nations sampler, forest in the fall and the outdoorswomen.

Our Commitment to our Customers
Our adventures take you on the trails less traveled. We respect and preserve nature and leave as little footprint on the land as we possibly can.
We specialize in small groups of 2 to 12 persons who enjoy the Great Outdoors.

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