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The Kortright Centre
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The Kortright Centre for Conservation
Woodbridge: 416.667.6295
Head Office: Toronto Region Conservation Area
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The Kortright Centre for Conservation is Ontario’s premier environmental and renewable energy education and demonstration centre.
Discover the Kortright Centre's beautiful trails all season long, great for hiking, cross-country skiing and much more.

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- Corporate Events
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The Kortright Centre is the natural place for any type of private function from your wedding, corporate meeting, corporate picnic and/or child's birthday party. Check out what this amazing facility has to offer!

Solar, Wind and Earth Energy Workshops

The Kortright Centre is named after Dr. Francis H. Kortright, world-famous outdoorsman, author and dedicated conservationist. Long before the environmental crisis became a well-known issue worldwide, Dr. Kortright recognized the urgency and resolved to do something about it. He devoted the latter part of his life, his full attention and abundant energies, to the cause of protecting wild animals of the fields, the forests, the waters and the skies. In so doing, he created for all Canadians a legacy that will be appreciated by many generations to come. Since the Kortright Centre opened in 1979, it has delivered unique environmental educational experiences to over two million visitors.

Walk the Power Trip Trail and see Canada's largest educational demonstrations of renewable energy and energy efficient technologies. Take your energy education one step further and participate in one of the Kortright Centre's energy workshops and learn how to conserve energy and save money!

Woodbridge: 9550 Pine Valley Drive
Vaughan, Ontario