Alpine Club Ottawa
Alpine Club Ottawa

Alpine Club of Ottawa

The Ottawa Section of the Alpine Club of Canada (ACC) is made up of outdoor enthusiasts who have a passion for rock and ice climbing, backcountry hiking, cross-country skiing and/or mountaineering. Alpine Club of Ottawa is one of 19 sections of the Alpine Club of Canada.

Members of the Ottawa Alpine Club of Canada provides you with great opportunities for adventure, exploration and recreation, for learning and developing new skills, and for good companionship while you enjoy the outdoors.

Previous experience in any of the activities is not necessary to join the Club. Many members begin by attending one of the clubs' introductory courses on rock or ice climbing.

If you already have strong outdoor skills, you will also find yourself in good company.

Ottawa Alpine Club of Canada maintains a regular schedule of activities in the Ottawa area that varies with the seasons.

Most weekends see local hiking or climbing outings in the summer; and cross country skiing or ice climbing in the winter. Alpine Club of Canada has climbing nights during the week at two Ottawa-area indoor climbing gyms.

Occasional weekend trips to areas in Quebec, Ontario and the Northeast U.S. are also organized. Training course are offered throughout the year. Pub nights, slide shows and other social events are also a regular feature of the Ottawa Alpine Club activity schedule.

In addition to these activities, the Ottawa Section also organize annual “summer camps”, suited to both hikers and mountaineers, based at Alpine Club of Canada huts located in the Canadian Rockies.  The camps are affordable and provide members with access to some of the most spectacular mountain areas of Canada.

Activities at Alpine Club of Ottawa

Members of the Ottawa Alpine Club enjoy hiking, skiing, snowshoeing, rock climbing, ice climbing, wilderness navigation and socializing.  There is regular visits to mountains in Ontario, Quebec, New York, New Hampshire, the Gatineaus, the Adirondacks, and the White Mountains.



Address: Ottawa, Ontario