Ferris Provincial Park
Ferris Provincial Park
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Situated on hilly drumlins, Ferris Provincial Park borders and provides access to the busy Trent River south of Campbellford.  Scenic bluffs carved out of limestone bedrock provide a view of picturesque Ranney Falls.  Overgrown stone fences and cleared meadows are relics of farms once worked here.

Formed by till left behind by the glaciers that once covered Ontario, these almond-shaped hills are the ideal spot from which to view the panorama of the area.

The park extends about 1.5 kilometres along the Trent River through the gentle St. Lawrence Lowlands. The river features a picturesque waterfall and scenic bluffs carved into the limestone bedrock.  Stone fences and cleared meadows are relics of farms that were once worked here.  The property was donated to the province in 1962 by the Ferris family who had owned it since the late 1800s.
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Park phone number 705-653-1566 October to March


Address: Box 1409
Cambellford, Ontario