Arrowhead Provincial Park
Arrowhead Provincial Park

Natural Features

Arrow Provincial Park is open year-round and is located in the heart of Muskoka.  You can enjoy a hike or bicycle on trails that wander through maple forests and past waterfalls, beaver ponds and homesteaders’ farms. 
 Quiet Arrowhead and Mayflower Lakes, and the Little and Big East Rivers, are ideal for paddling and swimming.  Return in winter to ski on groomed trails, tube down a hill or skate on an outdoor rink.
Eleven thousand years ago, the continental glacier that covered much of Ontario began to melt, forming ancient Lake Algonquin, which later receded into present-day Lake Huron. Arrowhead is characterized by two distinct areas formed above and below the ancient waterline.  
The rocky upland above the waterline is rugged country with hardwood forest typical of the Canadian Shield. The area below is low-lying and sandy.  Visitors to Arrowhead may want trek across the ancient beaches of Lake Algonquin.
Plants and Wildlife

Ojibway people once hunted here, and deer and moose are still seen in the region.  Growing in the shallows of Arrowhead Lake is the aquatic arrowhead plant which gives the park its name.  
The bright crimson cardinal flower is one of several uncommon southern plants that grow in the sheltered valley of the Big East River.


Address: 451 Arrowhead Park Rd.
Huntsville, Ontario