Driftwood Provincial Park
Driftwood Provincial Park
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At Driftwood Provincial Park you can camp and swim along the sandy shore, and hike to lookouts for panoramic views of the river.  Canoeing can take you deep into the countryside on both shores.

The park landscape has also been shaped by more recent human events.  In 1950, the area was flooded when the Des Joachims hydroelectric dam was opened, and much farmland and a small lake were submerged. 
 A fire swept the forest in the southern part of the park in 1975, and now aspen, poplar, jack pine are growing up, and blueberry bushes are thriving in the ashy soil.

The building of Des Joachims hydroelectric dam in 1950 created this sheltered bay on the Ottawa River. Concentrations of sand and gravel, and a well-pronounced esker are noticeable remnants of the retreat of the glaciers about 10,000 years ago.  

An esker is a narrow, winding ridge of gravel or sand, deposited by the melting waters under a glacier.

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