Fairbank Provincial Park
Fairbank Provincial Park
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Natural Features

The main attraction at Fairbank Provincial Park, located west of Sudbury is Fairbank Lake, a crater created by a meteorite that hit the earth millions of years ago.  
The spring-fed lake is so clear it attracts snorkellers and scuba divers.  Camp around the rim of the lake and climb to trail lookouts to view it and the Fairbank fault.
Fairbank sits on the Sudbury Nickel Irruptive, an unusual geological formation that scientists believe may have appeared after a meteorite struck the earth millions of years ago.  
The Irruptive contains the world's greatest known concentration of nickel and copper ore.  
Plants and Wildlife

The park is home to many small mammals such as the red squirrel and the chipmunk, as well as a few larger animals such as moose. 
 In the fall, a pocket of hardwood trees which is unusual this far north, provides a spectacular blaze of orange, yellow and red.

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